Meeting Minutes Feb 2017

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, LLC.

6945 Dog Leg Way

Fort Myers, Florida 33919

Board Meeting

Feb. 21,2017

President- MJ Peters- Present

Vice President- Polly Overlease- Present

Secretary- Sandy Cummings-Present

Treasurer- Linda Fentner-Present


Clubhouse- Julia Tepper-Present

Pool- Kim Hanson-Present

Grounds & Units-  Paul Salvagin-Absent

Maintenance Report; 12:45 pm.  Brian gave his report. (Copy attached) Brian had a water leak behind a unit on Bunker Way. The water had to be shut off. Where it was an emergency situation there wasn’t time to notify residents. We need to have a notification procedure in place to notify residents in the future when something like this happens again. Brian is going to replace the flag with one he has in the maintenance shed. Also the other association’s recycling was tagged due to having plastic bags in it. A notice will be put in the newsletter regarding recycling, no plastic bags should be in the recycling.

Call to Order; MJ called the meeting to order at1:03 pm.

Secretary’s Report; Sandy read the minutes of the last meeting. A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Linda and seconded by Polly. The vote to accept was unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report; Linda gave her report. (Copy attached). A motion to accept the report as read was made by Polly and seconded by Julia.  The vote to accept the report  was unanimous.

Pool Report; Kim had nothing to report.

Clubhouse Report; Julia has gotten a quote for the carpet in the clubhouse. The cost of the carpeting is $6,126.14. The women’s club will put in half of the money for the carpeting. A motion to purchase the carpet was made by Linda and seconded by Sandy. The motion was passed unanimously.

Grounds & Units; In Paul’s absence MJ had some requests from owners.

  • A request to replace garage door and install a new garage door screen. That request was approved.
  • A request to replace the front door was also approved.
  • A request to replace the shut off valve at the back of the unit. That should be done by a licensed plumber where it is on the outside of the unit.
  • A request to put a hose reel on the outside of the building. That was denied because it cannot be attached to the building. It needs to be a free standing unit.
  • A request to remove and replace shrubs and a tree. MJ will go look at it.

Vice President’s Report; Polly received a letter regarding a rat problem. The owner has had traps set and has caught several. We will have to look into the matter. Also the same owner had a complaint regarding a comfort dog and where it is being walked. MJ will research the guidelines for that.

President’s Report; Review of the election procedures after the annual meeting with a phone call with the attorney. The board members are nominated and elected to each position on the board annually. Also the insurance company wanted to know if we wanted to add terrorism insurance to our policy. We declined that insurance.

Public Comment; There was an owner that commented on some residents that are still feeding the squirrels. A notice will again go in the newsletter and be put in every month. And if anyone reports that someone is feeding the animals MJ will make a visit.

An  owner voiced their concern regarding the openness since the power company has replaced the power poles. Several things were discussed, we will have to look into the power company’s right of way.

An owner asked if there was a report on actual expenditure in the budget. It is posted on the bulletin board but not published on the website.

Old Business;

  • Amendment 55 and over. A motion to accept the proposed amendment for the 55 and over was made by Sandy and seconded by Kim. The vote to accept the proposed amendment was unanimous.
  • Officer duty restructure. We went over the officers’ duties. We talked about combining the pool and clubhouse and separating the grounds and units. The idea of having committees to help in the duties was suggested.

New Business;

  • Site One Quote for filter repair. We have a quote for filter replacement. A motion for the replacement and installation of the filter for $1985.99 was made by Julia and seconded by Kim. The vote to accept was unanimous.
  • Signage replacement. The sign at the entrance of our community needs replacement. A motion to replace the signs and make it one sign was made by Polly and seconded by Kim. The vote was unanimous.
  • Attorney/Privilege reminder. MJ suggested having internet in the office so we can send emails from the office laptop instead of having it on our personal computers. We also discussed purchasing fireproof file cabinets in the office for our records and to store the laptop. We will look into the expense of the internet and filing cabinets.

Adjournment; A motion to adjournment was made by Polly and seconded by Kim. Adjournment was at 3:00pm. Next Board Meeting  is March 21, 2017

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Cummings