Rules and Regulations Re: Parking

Rules and regulations  re: parking

Adopted   April 16, 2020 by The Board of Directors


  1. Parking of trucks, commercial vans, campers, motor homes, boats, trailers, golf carts, or motorcycles overnight on driveways, lawn or streets is prohibited. An exception to this regulation is allowing for loading or unloading before or returning from an extended trip, or moving. All other parking of said vehicles must be at the parking lot at the maintenance building.

10.1  Trucks of ¾ ton or less may be parked on driveways overnight. Said trucks shall be considered family use vehicles.  Vehicles/ trucks shall conform to factory standard specifications. Any modification to exhaust system, suspension, tires, or lighting systems are not allowed under these regulations and only allowed by approval of the Board of Directors of The Myerlee Circle Condominium Association.

Vehicles/trucks cannot have any commercial advertisement, racks for commercial use and/or tool boxes visible to the public.  Exception to this rule are removable racks for transporting sports equipment such as bicycles, kayaks, and equipment to satisfy needs of a disabled person(s).

Vehicles, trucks and automobiles for use as public emergency, health and welfare shall not be restricted by Rules and Regulations 10.