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Subject Line: Myerlee Circle Secretary

Your Board

President  – Larry Wynberg
V. President – Joyce Morris
Treasurer – Linda Fentner
Secretary – Pearl Prevoir
Director – Kim Hanson (Pool & Clubhouse)
Director – David Ferris (Units)
Director –  Sandy Levinthal  (Grounds)
Basic responsibilities of the Officers of the Board of Directors 
  • Chief Executive officer
  • Director of Board
  • Review Corporate Documents
  • Presides over all meetings
  • General supervision of Association affairs
  • Interview prospective owners, lessors and renters
  • Legal issues
  • Budget Prep
  • Appoints committees and their chairmen
  • Reviews all work proposals costing in excess of 5% of the Assn budget and presents such to Board or budget committee for recommendation
  • Develops the agenda for Board meetings with the board secretary

Vice President

  • Corporate Officer
  • Contractor contact for Becker and Poliakoff and GulfShore Ins
  • Property and Flood Insurance
  • Exercise powers of President in absence
  • Liaison with men’s & woman’s club
  • Maintains Emergency Records & contacts with secretary
  • Budget development with Treasurer
  • Liaisons with insurance companies on coverage and claims
  • Review leases and rentals with Treasurer
  • Assists in interviews of new owners and renters
  • Reviews laws, rules and regulations and by laws and advises the President and board on changes needed to those documents
  • Reviews Annual meeting questionnaire with the secretary and treasurer prior to forwarding to legal counsel
  • Assists treasurer and accounting firm in matters of budgeting, investments and financial reporting


  • Corporate officer
  • Oversight and manage accounting processes
  • Manage CD’s and Reserve accounts
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Keeper of records, unit closing documentation
  • Budget responsibilities
  • Cost management
  • Budget Development
  • Payroll/Workmen’s Comp
  • Accounting Service Liaison (Contractor Matland Accounting (See Address Below))
  • Maintain custody of all property of Association including : funds,  securities, and evidence of indebtedness.
  • Keep the Assessment rolls and accounts of members
  • Keep the books in good accounting practices.


  • Corporate officer
  • Minutes Keeper
  • Residence information
  • Annual meeting mailings
  • Set up new computer system
  • Records of Association
  • Correspondence
  • Computer and Website supervision
  • Giving and serving of all notices to Members, Directors required by law.
  • Maintain custody of the seal of the Association and records, except those of the Treasurer.

Club House/Pool

  • Supervises Pool and pool area maintenance and repair
  • Pool service manager
  • Clubhouse Rental
  • Purchasing supplies needed for clubhouse and pool
  • Supervises maintenance and repair of the Clubhouse


  • Iona Fire District
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Board Review for construction
  • Painting


  • Bugs oR Us
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree Service
  • Advance Disposal
  • Site One
  • Roads/Sidewalks
  • Irrigation
  • Oversee Employee work schedule


12995 Cleveland Ave. Ste #107 Ft Myers, FL 33908


LANDSCAPING – We are trying to make the Circle even more beautiful than it is today. As you have probably noticed, some of the bushes and flowering plants have been less trimmed than in the past and are filled out.

We are instructing the landscapers to be a little more judicious in trimming and lopping. With your help and observations, we intend to make The Circle even more appealing. The landscaping crews are doing pretty good in following our wishes and have been great in listening. Of course, the purpose of the Board is to make sure that the owners are getting what they want. If there are any plantings around your unit that need attention, more cutting, less cutting/shaping, etc., please let us know and we will get with our maintenance person and the landscapers. If there is anything that you would like attended to, please fill out a Maintenance Request Form (kept outside the clubhouse office door) and pass it to the office. The requests are picked up on a regular basis, assigned a number, and put into the work rotation. If appropriate, the request may be passed on to the landscapers to perform the work.

Please do not stop our maintenance person and ask him to perform work on the spot as he has his own work schedule and items for completion as passed down from the Board. Again, please fill out a work order and it’ll be taken care of. The same applies to other aspects of the association’s property (pool, clubhouse, unit maintenance).

A Maintenance Request Form allows us to
1) see what sort of requests are coming in from the owners and

2) place priorities on these requests as they go to our maintenance person or to the Board.

Thanks for your cooperation. – The Board


Our maintenance employee is Mike Ingro. Mike works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


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