February 2018 Board Minutes

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc.
6945 Dog Leg Way
Fort Myers, FL 33919 February 20, 2018
President- Sandy Cummings
Treasurer- Linda Fentner
Secretary- John Schreiber
Director- David Ferris
Director- Kim Hanson
Director- Paul Salvagin
The meeting was called to order by President Cummings at 1:01pm. A
quorum was achieved.
Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the previous meeting was read. A
motion was made by David Ferris to approve the minutes; seconded by Paul
Salvagin. The Board voted to approve.
Treasurer’s Report-As of January 31, we have a surplus $6,046.97. The
report is attached. There are no pending condo. sales. There currently six
owners in arrears on their monthly dues. The total arrears is $4,222. Most
of that has been now paid. There are only two remaining in arrears, in the
amount $ 1,600. John asked how far do we let go in arrears? Three months
and Linda contacts them directly. She notifies them after the first and
second months in arrears. John made a motion that the report be
approved; Kim Hanson seconded. The Board voted to approve the report.
Clubhouse-Kim reported that two, were cabinet doors broken in the
kitchen, and have been fixed. Linda mentioned that the pool has not been
well cleaned. Kim said it was cleaned last Friday, but not satisfactorily. We
are having him come back to do it again.
Grounds-The sheet of projects completed this past month is attached. We
are looking into fixing the cracks in the sidewalks. The Myerlee Circle sign
down at the end of the street had an open meter panel which could be
dangerous. We covered it temporarily; then called FPL to take care of it.
No progress on this yet.
We have planted 20 new plants around the property.
All broken windows have been fixed. Sandy has not seen the bill for
that work. Mike is completing projects before Paul even knows they are on
the log. He is doing a fine job.
Units-We have a positive response from Charnitz on fixing or replacing the
garage door. She will have it fixed by February 28. Lanai roofs have been
completed. Next on our list is lanai ceilings.
We have three quotes on those. Fidelity quoted $4,153, the Handyman
Company quoted over $5,200, then we had Acme Construction come in at
$2800. But he will need some help with it. David motioned that we hire
Fidelity to do the lanai ceilings for the amount of $4153. Paul Salvagin
seconded it. The Board voted in approval. Sandy will contact Fidelity.
Larry Williams request a satellite dish be erected on a pole behind the
Southeast corner of his lanai. David motioned to approve the installation;
seconded by Paul. The Board voted in favor.
Public Comment-There was a question on lanai roofs. Someone had some
difficulty with their ceiling, but it was not hurricane related. Sandy
explained that the lanai roof is the Association business but not the ceilings.
Another owner asked about shrubs. Sandy replied that we have replaced
only 20 so far. But there will be more purchases in the future. Further,
there was discussion about rat traps; how they work and how often they
have to be rebaited.
President’s Report-Sandy met with a Realtor. She thought it a good idea to
put the estoppel and the application for transfer on our website. Then the
Realtor will be able to go on our website and attached our paperwork to the
listing. Sandy will produce a paper to notify Board Members on how to do
The newest estoppel form, sent by our lawyers, will be adopted by the
new Board at its organizational meeting.
Painting of units will begin in April.
The inside lanai wall of each unit belongs to the owner.
The Women’s Club wants to install some molding around the rug.
Mike will do the work and will be paid by the club. The Board is in favor of
this proposal.
New Business-The second notice for the Annual Meeting has been mailed.
The Board was asked if they received theirs. They responded that they did.
Special Assessment-We are agreed that the deficit caused by
Hurricane Irma was $30,000. John has prepared a letter to be forwarded to
Unit Owners listing the reasons for the deficit, the amount, and the amount
assessed per Unit. Further, the letter will explain that there are two
methods of payment and the due dates of them. A copy of the letter is
attached. The Board resolves that the provisions of the Special Assessment
be approved. John made the motion that the Special Assessment in the
amount of $300 per unit be approved by the Board with two methods of
payment, and that payment be made on March 15, and/or April 16, 2018 to
the Board Office. The motion was seconded by Linda. The Board approved
the motion unanimously.
John wants the Board’s approval to follow through on the budgeted
Reserve Study. It will have to be an engineering reserve study. He has
looked up some firms that supposedly can do these types of studies. John
would like to solicit them to see if they would be interested, and if they
would do what we must have done to strengthen our position in budgeting
reserves in the future. The study will include a deadline to receive it prior
to August 1, 2018. John mentioned the material sent to each Director on the
contents of the study. Further, He said that it will be necessary that some
digging be done to see our water and irrigation pipes so that their condition
may be gauged, and the future useful life be better estimated. The main
reason for this study is avoid a large special assessment down the road. We
have $9000 in the Operating Budget for this study. The usual charge for
reserve studies is about 1% of the Annual budget. Since we need some
digging to be done it may cost more. The Board approved that John go
forward with getting proposals.
Sandy motioned that all work and work-related files and all business
be located and done from the Board Office at 6945 Dog Leg Way. Linda
stated that it is not realistic for her to work there. Sandy stated that it is
dangerous to have people’s(owners) information locked up in your unit.
Several owners have expressed concern about the security of their personal
information on file in a unit and on a private computer. All that
information should be in the office and under lock. Linda still maintained
that it is not realistic for her to do her work at the office. Sandy asked if
Linda has online banking. She said she did, but she has not been getting
statements on it. There ensued a discussion of bank reporting and the
number of names on a check. Sandy wanted Starter Checks to be put in the
Office safe. Linda said she did not want to vote on this until the new Board
is seated. The Board members are covered by liability insurance to some
extent, but Sandy did not know if that extended to a privately-owned
computer. David motioned that we should make every effort possible to do
business in one central location that being the Association Office over the
next few months. Paul seconded the motion. The Board approved the
The next meeting will be held on March 20, 2018.
Sandy moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at