Annual Meeting March 12, 2018

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc.
6945 Dog Leg Way
Fort Myers, FL. 33919 March 12, 2018
President- Sandy Cummings
Treasurer- Linda Fentner
Secretary- John Schreiber
Director- David Ferris
Director- Kim Hanson
Director- Paul Salvagin
The Annual Meeting was called to order at 6:45pm byPresident
Cummings. Fifty-two owners/voters were present therefore a quorum to do
Board business was achieved. All Board members were present.
The minutes of the last Annual Meeting was read by the Board
Secretary. A motion to approve the reported minutes was made by David
Ferris; seconded by Paul Salvagin. The Board voted to approve the
Clubhouse-Kim Hanson reported that some new furniture has been
purchased for the pool area, and a new carpet has been installed in the
Clubhouse. Paul Salvagin motioned that the report be accepted; seconded
by John Schreiber. The Board voted to accept the report.
Treasurer’s Report- Linda read her report: a copy is attached. She
explained several over and under expenditures of line items. Linda went on
to explain that the main reason for our over-expenditure in 2017 was
Hurricane Irma. John Schreiber motioned that the report be accepted;
seconded by David Ferris. The Board voted to accept the report without
Units-David Ferris reported that we have completed repair and an
evaluation of our roofing. We have rescheduled the painting of our
buildings from last Fall to this April, due to budgetary constraints. The
roofing work accomplished should put us in very good shape with regard to
being able to extend the time when would have to re-roof.
Grounds-Paul Salvagin reported that the streets have been paved. We
have a new lawn maintenance company that is doing much better than the
previous one. We have a contract with a company to monitor and perform
maintenance on our irrigation system so our Maintenance man will not be
completely absorbed by it as was the case earlier in 2017. We have a new
Maintenance man, Mike Ingrow who is doing an excellent job. I’d like to
thank David and Sandy Cummings for all the work they did for us after the
hurricane. We have 150 bags of mulch in our parking lot for you to use.
Unfinished Business-None
New Business-John Schreiber reported that the Board has resolved to
solicit bids for a Reserve/Condition Study to be performed by an
engineering firm, to determine the present condition of our assets and their
future useful life. This is very important as it should give us an informed
opinion of how much Reserve funding is needed, and when it will be
needed. We will need the report prior to the convening of the Budget
Committee for FY 2019. The real purpose of the report is to allow budgeting
that will prevent future large Special Assessments. This association has
never had a study like this. We budgeted $9,000 for it, but we expect the
bids to come in at much less than that.
The vote to waive the annual financial reporting requirement was 37
Yes to 15 No. The financial reporting requirement is waived for FY 2018.
Financial and accounting reports shall be made by our Treasurer and our
accounting firm as to our year- end financial condition. A question about
the meaning of the waiver was asked from the audience. John Schreiber
answered it and clarified the issue.
Welcome to the new board members: Pearl Prevoir, and Larry
Wynberg. We want to say thank you our outgoing members Paul Salvagin
and Sandy Cummings.
A motion to adjourn was made by Sandy Cummings. The meeting was
adjourned at 7:15pm.