July 2018 Board Minutes







Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc. 6945 Dogleg Way

Fort Myers, Florida

Board Meeting                                   July 24, 2018 President                                  Larry Wynberg

Vice President       John Schreiber                         Treasurer                                  Linda Fentner

Director                  Kim Hanson

The meeting was called to order by President Wynberg at 1:08pm. The above members were present. Absent was . Secretary Prevoir, and Director Ferris. A quorum was achieved.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


The Treasurer’s Report for June 30, 2018 was approved. John offered some revisions to improve the second part of the Income Statement. This was approved. John, Linda and Matland Accounting will work together to make the changes.

Clubhouse-One of the A/C units will need to be replaced next year. It should be recommended to the Budget Committee.

Electrical breakers for the current units must be replaced with a new electrical panel. A motion to obtain a new panel and have it installed was made by Pres. Wynberg, seconded by Kim Hanson. The Board voted to approve the motion.

Larry made a motion to cancel the contract of Crystal Cleaners; seconded by Kim. The Board voted its approval of the motion. The duties are to be added to those of our maintenance staff.

Larry motioned to cancel the contract of Glamour Pool

Service; seconded by Kim. The Board voted approval of the motion. Our maintenance staff will take over the duties.


Larry motioned to establish an account with Pinch-a-Penny to buy pool supplies: seconded by Kim. The Board voted approval of this motion.






Grounds-Larry motioned to cancel the contract of the Irrigation Company; seconded by John. The Board voted to carry the motion. Insurance-A representative from Gulf Shore Insurance agency gave a presentation on the Association’s coverage for next year.  He left a booklet containing some proposals. There was discussions about deductibles, Flood Insurance possibilities and Perimetric Trigger policies. The agent could not help with methods to determine adequate deductible reserve amounts for us. The meeting was adjourned at 2:08pm.