October 2018 Board Minutes

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association. Inc Board Meeting

6945 Dog Leg Way

Fort Myers, Fl

Board Meeting.                                           October 16, 2018


President.           Larry Wynberg                                                                                                                                                      Vice President.   John Schreiber

Treasurer             Linda Fentner

Secretary              Pearl Prevoir

Director                David Ferris

Director                Kim Hanson




The meeting was called to order by President Wynberg @ 1:00 pm. All board members in attendance.


Secretary Report from September 11th board meeting read and accepted with no changes or additions.


Treasurer’s report presented by Linda. President Wynberg opened discussion on current CD rates. suggest Treasurer investigate best Jumbo CD Rates before current CD s mature.

Motion made and approved for Treasurer to obtain 1 Jumbo CD at this time. All members agree we should be less conservative while CD rates continue to increase. Linda reports it appears we are $42.000.00 under budget. Reports10 villas sold so far this yea r. 2018. Report approved and accepted.


Vice President Report John continues to work with Budget Committee for completion of 2019 budget Had Insurance representative. Ryan Schmidt from Gulf Coast present current coverage and  options . Recommends budget 10%          increase for flooding and other coverage should remain the same. Option 2 appears to be best option for Myerlee Circle with add on of Cyber Liabilty. Dave Ferris made motion to approve recommended








coverage, all members agree. John recommends change to current Emergency Information forms, Pearl will work with John for possible changes to be presented to board at November meeting.


Clubhouse/Pool Report by Director . Kim reports pool maintenance staff certificate on file and posted.


Units\Grounds. Dave reports painting will start November 1, 2018. Eagle Way resident has problem with bathroom floor damage from roots of ficus tree that came up thru foundation.

Landscape manager recommends removal of tree @ cost of

$1200.00. Motion made to remove tree, approved by all members discussion initiated by Dave to consider investigating location and possible problems with additional ficus trees on property. All agree, will talk with landscape manager. All members agree when tree is removed, new tree should be planted. Larry opened discussion on putting mulch around

Property, color to be determined. Dave reports problem with irrigation pump. Repair company looking for box replacement.

Larry reports Landscape company contract up at end of year, request submission of 3 year contract to be reviewed at next meeting.


President’s Report. Larry states he will open discussion at Owner’s meeting regarding change in type of lamp post lighting


Owner Comments: Julia Tepper request approval to have new Directory printed after Linda reviews content. Board approved up to $200.00 for printing. Suggestion made for date change for Directory distribution. Pearl made a motion for board members to review content of Directory for any changes needed. All agreed, to be discussed in November meeting.

Old Business. Larry recommends special meeting to review and complete Annual Meeting Information for Becker’s legal team. All agreed. Reviewed date of Owner’s meeting and Correspondence required.
















New Business Larry shared content of letter he received from Homeowner s insurance company. Pearl will send letter to lawyer for review and action.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:25 pm

REMINDER: Owners Meeting to review 2019 Budget scheduled For November 15, 2018@ 3:00 pm


Next Board Meeting scheduled for November 20th Respectfully submitted by secretary, Pearl Prevoir