Annual Meeting March 2019

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc

6945 Dog Leg Way

Fort Myers, FL 33919

Annual Board Meeting.                   March 4, 2019


President.                       Larry Wynberg

Vice President.               John Schreiber

Treasurer.                       Linda Fentner

Secretary.                       Pearl Prevoir

Director.                          David Ferris

Director.                          Kim Hanson


The Annual Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Wynberg. 51 owners/voters were present therefore a quorum was achieved. All board members were present.


The minutes of the last annual meeting was read by the Board Secretary. The 2018 minutes were accepted and closed.


President’s Report…Larry reported changes in the association insurance will take place in near future.He answered owner’s questions regarding distribution of mulch and possible change in pole light ownership.


Treasurer’s Report…Linda gave the 2018 End of Year Report which is attached. Treasurer reviewed the Budget vs Expenditures. Report attached.


Vice President’s Report…John presented information on monies rolled over into Reserve Account and additional details about the Working Capital Fund.


No unfinished business


New Business…The vote to waive the annual Financial Reporting requirement was 39 Yes to 12 No. The reporting requirement is waived for FY 2019.Financial and Accounting reports shall be made by the Treasurer and the Accounting firm as to our year-end financial status.

President Wynberg explained board’s interest in taking over ownership of the owner’s pole lights. Larry answered all questions before asking for owner’s vote on this request. Request defeated.

Secretary presented Proposal for part-time Office Manager.Secretary and President answered owner’s questions. Board will consider owner’s input before taking vote at next board meeting.


A motion to adjourn was made by Larry Wynberg. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm