Board Meeting Minutes February 2019

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc

6945 Birdie Way

Fort Myers, FL 33919.


Board Meeting.                                February 20, 2019


President.                     Larry Wynberg

Vice President.             John Schreiber

Treasurer.                     Linda Fentner

Secretary.                     Pearl Prevoir

Director.                        David Ferris

Director.                        Kim Hanson


Meeting called to order by President Wynberg at 1:00 pm. All board members in attendance.


David Zammit from N Square, Inc. did a short presentation on his company and products used for repair and replacement of driveways.


Secretary’s Report…Minutes of previous board meeting reviewed and accepted with no additions or changes.


Treasurer’s Report…Request to add $290.00 to transfer fees unanimously approved. Review of Recap of Reserves; Vice President Schreiber requests additional information from accounting firm. Linda will obtain this information.


Vice President’s Report…John reviewed questions on end of year budget which he plans to discuss with accounting firm rep. Discussion on Board Member Task List tabled till after Annual Meeting.


Clubhouse/Pool Report…Kim will order replacement items online, 2 outdoor benches and new grips for pool railings as soon as credit card is available.


Units/Grounds Report…Dave continues to obtain quotes for driveway and sidewalk repairs.Owner @ 6920 Birdie Way requests permission to install new windows. Before giving response to owner’s request, additional information will be obtained by Dave. Request for air conditioner duct to be installed in garage by owner was denied.


President’s Updates…reviewed Annual Meeting Agenda and board members responsibilities. President gave update on association insurance coverage and investigation of other insurance providers. Question by owner regarding 55+ documentation answered.


Old Business…Secretary presented Proposal for Office Manager which was previously tabled. President request same proposal be presented to owners during Annual Meeting for feedback. Board Members will vote on proposal at later date.


No new business

Meeting adjourned @ 2:45 pm.