Board Meeting March 2019

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc Board Meeting. March 20, 2019
President. Larry Wynberg
Vice President. John Schreiber
Treasurer. Linda Fentner
Secretary. Pearl Prevoir
Director. David Ferris
Director. Kim Hanson
Meeting called to order by President Wynberg at 1:00 pm. All members present
Secretary’s Report: February 20, 2019 Board Meeting notes reviewed and accepted without change or corrections.
Annual Meeting notes of March 4, 2019 required additional information and spelling correction of Treasurer’s name. Secretary will distribute corrected reports to board members upon completion for review.
Treasurer’s Report: Report of status of current CD activity. Treasurer’s report accepted. President Wynberg request Directors to review their budgets.
Budget attached.
Vice President’s Report: Request table Board Task review and discussion till next meeting…all members agreed. John will initiate review of current Condo Docs, offer recommendations and identify category of owner violations for board review @ next meeting. He will review reserves for future discussion.
President’s Report: Volunteer has offered to work with treasurer, as needed. No update from Becker Legal services on the insurance claim.
Clubhouse/ Pool Report: Kim reports new chairs and benches received and placed in appropriate areas. Maintenance man dealing with duck droppings around pool. Will investigate best ways to keep them out of pool area.
Grounds/Units Report: Dave reports roof repairs @ 6928 BirdieWay required @ cost of about $6,000.00. Landscaper working on lawns. He is aware of weed problem.
Larry reports he has asked landscaper to offer recommendations of best, low cost trees for front areas of units.
Old Business: recommendation by Dave to postpone discussion on office staff till next meeting. Suggest dedicating 30-45” at beginning of next meeting for this discussion and recommendations. All members
in agreement. President reviewed Credit Card policy.
New Business: Review and discussion on Proposal from Woman’s Club for donation toward acquisition of new clubhouse chairs. All board members agreed proposal was incomplete. Request a more accurate and complete proposal be presented for April Meeting. Much discussion took place with decision to table proposal until future meeting. Pearl presented idea of use of message board for community activities and important reminders. President request proposal for message board be presented @ next meeting. Kim Hanson and Pearl Prevoir will work on proposal. Dave Ferris will review list of owner violations in order to create listing of appropriate fines, as/when needed.
Owner Requests and Public Comments
1. Owner of 6941 Dog Leg Way request approval for installation of accordion style hurricane shutter inside their lanai. Installer has appropriate credentials, approved by board
2. Owner of 1375 Myerlee CC Blvd request permission to replace front and back windows and front door. Board reminded owner on requirements of type of windows to be installed…approved by board
3. Owner of 6911 request copy of Special Assessment letter sent to owners for insurance company
Comments: owner requested clarification of owner’s involvement with landscape duties and association policy.
President Wynberg reviewed current policy. Decision made to insert this information in next monthly newsletter.
Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.