April 2019 Board minutes

President.                         Larry Wynberg

Vice President.                 John Schreiber

Treasurer.                         Linda Fentner

Secretary.                         Pearl Prevoir

Director.                           David Ferris

Director.                           Kim Hanson


Meeting called to order by President Wynberg at 1:00 p m on April 17, 2019. All members present.


Secretary’s Report: March 20th Board Meeting Report reviewed and accepted without addition or changes. Request made by Vice President for secretary to add Capital Fund vote outcome to notes of Annual Meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: Report accepted as read. Linda identified new owner in 1333 Myerlee Country Club Blvd. Report attached


Vice President’s Report: John updated board members on current allocations of budget items. He presented information on Brown & Brown Insurance Company and indicates he is investigating additional companies to see if there is a chance for savings, increased coverage or better rates. John discussed the current Collection Interest for late fees and Improper Conduct of Owner’s.

He shared information obtained at Board Certification Conference in March. All information attached to notes.


President’s Report: Larry indicates no update on current status of Universal Insurance Claim. He shared letter recently received from Insurance adjuster working on behalf of Myerlee Circle Association. Secretary will follow up on requested information. President shared information regarding visiting dog complaint. Owner asked question about setting up gym equipment in the clubhouse but we are not properly insured for that activity.


Pool/ Clubhouse Report: Kim reports maintenance staff able to complete required painting of pool depth information at poolside. Repair completed to air conditioner connection in clubhouse without cost. All ordered items for pool area obtained.


Grounds & Unit Report: Dave reports roof repair to start 4/22/19 on Birdie Way.


Old Business: Pearl request tabling discussion on installation of community activity board till future meeting. All agreed. President request secretary send letters to 3 owners with conduct issues. Dave will write letter to owner regarding fee for tree damage.Hiring of office staff member approved for 12-15 hours/ week at $12.00/ hour. Larry request secretary develop qualification and job description for discussion at next meeting. Possibility to start newly hired person for 4th quarter. Updates to job descriptions for Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary accepted by all members.


New Business: Dave presented Proposal for building and grounds committee made up of 3 volunteers with oversight by Unit Director. Approved by President,

New president of Woman’s Club discussed changes to request for funds to buy chairs for clubhouse. No amount requested or identified at this time. Proposal for funds denied until such time as specific information available.

Vice President will investigate and develop additions and or changes to Association Docs.

Meeting adjourned @2:50 pm

Respectfully submitted by Pearl Prevoir