Board Meeting July 2019


July 17, 2019


PRESIDENT                                Larry Wynberg

VICE PRESIDENT                       John Schreiber

TREASURER                               Linda Fentner

SECRETARY                               Pearl Prevoir

DIRECTOR                                 Dave Ferris

DIRECTOR                                 Kim Hanson

Meeting called to order by President Wynberg @ 1:00 pm, All board members in attendance.


1 Bottom of Electric Box needs to be replaced, will discuss with Ron


2 Leak in Clubhouse ceiling repaired, AC checked by technician

3 Pool doors painted x2 but rust continues to be a problem Larry

Recommends Pool Director obtain quotes for new doors

4 Landscape workers sprayed for weed control, recommend cutting

Down Hibiscus bushes

5 Clubhouse carpet recently cleaned

6 Possible roofing issue reported @ Unit 6941Dog Leg Way…roofer

Notified, reviewed with Unit Director

7 Owner of Unit 1273 Myerlee CC Blvd reports cracks in stucco

Of lanai and painting still not completed Dave has attempted to

Reach painter but no return calls yet. Mike will investigate products

For repair of cracks

8 Contractor working on Unit 1354 Bunker Way indicates cracks in

Fire wall. Owner responsible for repair

SECRETARY”S REPORT………..May 15,2019 Board Meeting Notes reviewed and accepted as read. There are only 4 Owner Keys still outstanding. Pearl will

Follow-up with owners, 21 copies of the Declaration of Condominiums printed

One copy placed in Library of the Clubhouse

TREASURERS REPORT             Linda reviewed June and July Budget. Indicates Unit

Maintenance is over budget due to travel costs. Report accepted as read.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT…….John informed members he will remain active with board until his condo sells. He raised concerns about 2020 budget due to increase

Insurance costs. Recommends evaluating best direction for board to develop for

The upcoming year due to decreased number of board members. Members all agree, President will gather proposals from Management Companies, VP will set up meetings with insurance companies to gather best insurance options ,

Article regarding Associations need for 2 Board Members will be distributed.

POOL AND CLUBHOUSE REPORT……….Kim reports need to replace broken chairs at poolside. At this time duck situation under control.

PRESIDENTS REPORT………Larry has not received any information regarding insurance claim, requests VP follow up on status of the claim. Larry requests Letter to owners not go out until after board obtains insurance quotes and proposals from management companies

UNIT AND GROUNDS REPORT…….Dave indicates truck violations resolved at this time. There are 12 shrubs and bushes that need replacement and 2 palm trees.

1354 Bunker Way owner approved for new front door Dave presented Memo

Regarding Trash Regulations, Grounds Maintenance and Units that he feels should be sent to all owners due to ongoing problems. Approved by all board members

OLD BUSINESS…….Discussion of Violation Fees and Committee tabled until future date. Tabled hiring of office staff until future date.

NEW BUSINESS……Owners request to bring in a roommate approved Secretary will initiate follow up on missing or incomplete owner Emergency Forms