December 2019 Board Minutes


Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc Board Meeting

Board Meeting.                                           December 18, 2019


President.                   Larry Wynberg Vice President.                   Joyce Morris Treasurer.                    Linda Fentner

Secretary.                   Pearl Prevoir

Director.                       David Ferris

Director.                       Kim Hanson

Director.                      Sandy Levinthal (New Board Member)


Meeting called to order @ 1:00 pm on December18, 2019 by President Wynberg. All board members in attendance.


Maintenance Report: Mike reports :

  • Power Washing of driveways and sidewalks going well
  • Some breakers in clubhouse kitchen changed by community electrician due to frequent outages
  • need to change position of 2 sprinkler heads behind unit 1245 Myerlee CC.
  • Someone put 2 king size mattress and water heater in dumpster. Will review pictures in camera to see if person can be identified.


Secretary’s Report from November 20, 2019 reviewed and accepted without additions or changes.

Pearl reports Matland’s telephone coverage going well. A few owners brought up concerns about weekend phone coverage , Pearl will contact Jessica . Due to phone coverage 7 days/ week by Matland, Pearl recommends discontinuing office coverage by board members. All members agreed. Secretary will continue to monitor board email and forward messages to board members, as needed.

Brown & Brown contact information will be posted in the January Newsletter. posting for Office Support Person emailed


to Guidance Department Secretary @ the Cypress Lake High School.


Treasurer’s Report: Linda identified sum of monies available for the Capital Deductible Fund. President request Directors identify additional budget items required before the end of the year. Items to be purchased or repaired approved by all members . Larry request Treasurer should report owners in arrears every month, Report accepted as read.


Vice President’s Report: No issues


President’s Report: Larry met with Fine Committee members,reviewed responsibilities and created schedule for meetings. Request Treasurer discuss autopay of Association bills with Accounting firm.

Dave Ferris recommends inviting Matland to next board meeting to discuss Association bill paying. All members in agreement.


Pool/Clubhouse Report: No problems/ concerns


Units/ Grounds Report: Landscape Company will spray purple flowers on all grassy areas. Larry request Dave follow up with MSquare regarding needed driveway repairs. Dave requests clarification on ownership of outdoor lights on each unit. Larry reports owners responsible for lights but must replace light with similar or same style. Dave will investigate best place and price to obtain these lights.


Old Business: Annual Meeting Questionnaire completed, Dave presented Amendment for # 10Rule—parking trucks. All members in agreement with Amendment which will be added to Annual Meeting Questionnaire. Violation letter will be mailed to owner of 6920 Par Way due to Lease Violation. Pearl request clarification of appropriate location for board mail to be delivered.

All members agreed mail should be delivered to the registered office address. Post Office to be notified.



New Business: President appointed new board member after discussion about job responsibilities, Sandy Levinthal. Dave recommends Association install owner’s outdoor lights when change is required if owner obtains the approved light fixture. All board members agreed. Dave introduced a motion to establish a Support Animal Review/ Request Committee. All members agreed. Secretary volunteered for the committee, President approved. Treasurer volunteered for committee.

Owner of 6921 Par Way to receive violation letter due to unit construction issues. Owner’s adult son request permission to install a window AC due to recent medical event. Approved by board as this request is related to individual’s medical condition. When or if condition changes Board will review need; if unit ownership transfers approval for AC is void.



Meeting adjourned @ 3:00 PM Respectfully submitted by Pearl Prevoir Secretary