Board Meeting Minutes January 2020

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc

Board Meeting:                           January 15, 2020


President:                     Larry Wynberg

Vice President:           Joyce Morris

Treasurer:                     Linda Fentner

Secretary:                     Pearl Prevoir

Director:                       David Ferris

Director:                       Kim Hanson

Director:                       Sandy Levinthal        


Meeting called to order @ 1:00 P M on January 15, 2020 by President Wynberg. All board members in attendance.


Maintenance Report: Mike reports

  • power washing of driveways and sidewalks completed
  • Need to schedule additional dumpster pick-up of furniture left beside the dumpster
  • Has found some areas requiring gutter replacement , Dave instructed Mike to obtain quotes for the needed equipment of gutters
  • plan to paint second pool door
  • Sandy identified additional screen tears on pool doors that need repair. Mike will check screen areas of both doors

Secretary’S Report:

Minutes from the December 18, 2020 accepted as read with no corrections or additions. Pearl reports no response to add for Office Clerk at this time. Due to preparations for Annual Meeting and orientation of a newly appointed Board Member hiring of an office clerk will be put on hold. All board members agreed. Board will evaluate office staff needs after Annual Meeting in March.

First Notice of Annual Meeting mailed to all owners. , Brown & Brown contact information uploaded onto our website by Kim Hanson. Pearl reports some owners raised concerns about phone message on Matland’s answering machine on weekends. Pearl will speak with Reggie @ Matland accounting about this concern. ESA Committee has another volunteer, Melanie Cash. Larry approved of this volunteer and appointed her to the committee with Pearl Prevoir.

Treasurer’s Report

Linda reviewed End of Year finances, recommended monies from reserves to be rolled over into the Capitol Deductible Fund. All board members in agreement. As of 1/15/20 4 owners in arrears. Current late fee protocols reviewed, Larry made a motion to extend Late fee charges from 10 days to a 30 day period. Change will be effective 2/1/2020. Reggie from Matland Accounting answered questions from the board on best way and companies that he recommends placing on autopay. Some accounts r currently on autopay

Vice President’s Report:

Joyce reports that she and Linda met with Reggie at Matland Accounting to review and discuss reserves. They will meet again in August. Jessica from Brown & Brown will meet with Joyce and Linda next week to discuss February billing. Joyce

Indicates that she will initiate a review of the current forms used for leasing and sales of units. She presented a sample form for the board’s input. Review and changes will probably take 3-4 months to complete with assistance from other board members. Vice President will schedule appointment with our lawyer to review changes.

President’s Report:

Larry reviewed process and procedure to be followed by the newly appointed Fines Committee

Pool & Clubhouse Director Report:

New chairs and solar wheel cover in place. Activity sign board completed and in place. Positive feedback to use of sign board offered by owners.

Unit Director’s Report:

Replacement of window sills completed. Additional work needed on other window sills. Dave working on Violation letter to owners of 6921 ParWay. Working with new Grounds Director for orientation.

Grounds Director:

Sandy working with several owners who have illegal outdoor planters and lawn decorations. She presented a proposal from our lawn service for plantings and mulch. She also presented idea of placement of benches within the community which might be supported by the Men’s and Women’s Clubs of Myerlee Circle. She will discuss with appropriate contacts.

Meeting Adjourned @ 2:50 PM