February 2020 Board Minutes

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc
6945 Dog Leg Way
Fort Myers, FL 33919
Board Minutes. February 11, 2020
President: Larry Wynberg
Vice President: Joyce Morris
Treasurer: Linda Fentner
Secretary: Pearl Prevoir
Director: Dave Ferris
Director: Sandy Levinthal
Director: Kim Hanson
Meeting called to order by President Wynberg @ 1:00 PM on
February 11, 2020 . All board members in attendance.
Maintenance Report: Mike reports:
1. Installed new outdoor light @ 6928 MCCB
2. Recommend consider solar lights for walkway
Secretary’s Report:
Minutes from the January 15, 2020 report was read. VP and
Treasurer identified 2 changes to be made before report accepted.
Treasurer’s Report:
February 11, 2020 reviewed and accepted. Review of Annual Meeting
Presented to board members.
Vice President’s Report:
Joyce contacted lawyer@ Becker’s law firm to obtain clarification on
need for Amendment of the Truck Parking rule and review of open
board seat(s) for 2020. Lawyer indicates no Amendment needed for
the Truck Parking Rule, board members should discuss and vote on
this Rule change @ next
Board meeting. Lawyer agrees Myerlee Circle only has 4 open Board
not 5. Lawyer will make appropriate changes to Annual Meeting
Agenda nd
Ballot. New 2nd Notice Packet will be completed and emailed to
Secretary for distribution. VP waiting for Flood Insurance premium
billing from Brown & Brown.
President’s Report:
Review of current Condo Docs indicate the fees must remain the
same unless there is an Amendment to the Docs. Larry opened
discussion about use of Reserves which can be used toward repairs.
Unit Director Report:
Dave reports 3 owners requested replacement of outdoor lights.
Director reports displeasure with quality of the lights. He will
investigate alternative fixture. Misuse of Dumpster continues,
especially with recycle articles.
Grounds Director Report :
Sandy reports the Queen Bee is still in place. Until she vacates her
current location, no action can be taken to rid the area of bees.The
lights on walkway to the. Clubhouse require repair and or
replacement. Sandy will check cost and coordinate with maintenance
man, Mike. Priority list discussed with Angel, 11 units identified
requiring better shrub care and cutting. Sandy reports there r
several couples willing to donate $ for
Benches which will be located in 3 areas of MCCB. Several donors
request plaques be placed on benches, dedicating them to specific
Board discussion took place with decision not to have any plaques
on donated benches. All board members agreed with this
Owner’s Comments:
Lee Nerenberger request reason for no street parking on side
streets. Dave Ferris states: side streets r very narrow which prevents
emergency vehicles to get safely through the street.
Tim Irven had a question. Regarding the Reserve Account which was
explained at the Owners Budget Meeting. Tim withdrew his question.
Brenda Vania requested more details on denial of plaques on
benches. Possibility, donors will withdraw their offer if no plaque
allowed.Sandy will address the question while attending the
Woman’s Meeting in March.
Old Business:
Second Nuisance complaint received from owner on Bunker Way.
Dave reports he has been monitoring the noise level.He has not
experienced any trouble with noise
Owners reminded to sign all letters of complaints!
New Business:
Board received email with request on how use of Pool is regulated
Kim Hanson will respond.
Meeting Adjourned @2:30PM
Respectfully submitted by Board Secretary,
Pearl Prevoir