Service Contractors & Vendors

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Emergency (fire, ambulance, sheriff) 911
 Apex Plumbing 239-462-7988
American Wood Frame, Inc. (Robert Ingersoll) Mobile: 357-5812 Phone: 239-482-7686
Bain Seal Coating, Inc. 239-641-1432
*Becker  239-433-7707
Bob Lee Electric 239-693-9899
*Bugs oR Us 239-337-4484
Captain Steamer carpet cleaning 239-597-8769
Comcast   12641 Corporate Lakes Dr 1 800-266-2278
Copping Roofing 239-543-2255
Direct TV Support 1-855-514-4064
Dish Network 1-855-362-9215
Fireservice Disaster Clean up 239-936-1033
FPL 239-334-7754
*Gulfshore Insurance (see below ## for pertinent insurance information)
Gulf Shore Cooling 239-939-1137
Iona, McGregor Fire Dept 239-433-0660
John Deere Green Tech 1-800-427-0779
Lee County Pressure Washing 239-267-5163
Lee County Water 239-533-8845 (Utilities)
Lee’s Painting & Carpentry 239-458-4834
Master Plumbing by Richard Inc. 239-489-2010
Monino Construction, Inc.(Luis Ortiz – small and large jobs) 239-209-3979
Plumber’s Plumber 239-206-3514
 Angel Vargas Lawn Service 239-985-0113
Roy North Garage Doors and Service 239-482-5211
Service Master, restoration service 239-321-5077
Sunman’s Nursery 239-433-5656
University of Florida Ext. Office (arborists) 239-533-4327
*Advanced Disposal 239-334-1224
   * Companies with whom the association has a contract

## From our insurance agent at Gulfshore Insurance:

Please either fax the letter from the mortgage company/bank or email them.

Please ask residents to send the letter from the mortgage company/bank that includes property address, loan number, name of financial institution and email or fax number for Gulfshore to respond to with a certificate of flood insurance.”

Gulfshore Insurance contacts:  Dorie J. Petersen, Account Executive  239-435-7119 – Direct Phone
 Fax Line – 239-213-2803
Certificates of Insurance – Direct Fax – 239-213-2813

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