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April 2019 Newsletter

MYERLEE CIRCLE NEWSLETTER APRIL 2019 FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS EMERGENCY AND DIRECTORY FORM: Please return the completed Emergency and Directory Form as soon as you are able. If you believe the Board does not have an up-to-date key to

March 2019 Newsletter

                                            MYERLEE CIRCLE NEWSLETTER                                                         MARCH  2019     YEARLY DIRECTORY: In order to continue to provide privacy for owners, the Board of Directors has determined that only owners will receive one hard copy of the directory each year.

Annual Meeting March 2019

Myerlee Circle Condominium Association, Inc 6945 Dog Leg Way Fort Myers, FL 33919 Annual Board Meeting.                   March 4, 2019   President.                       Larry Wynberg Vice President.               John Schreiber Treasurer.                       Linda Fentner Secretary.                       Pearl Prevoir Director.                          David Ferris Director.                          Kim Hanson  

February 2019 Newsletter

MYERLEE CIRCLE NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2019 FROM THE MYERLEE WOMEN’S CLUB: Our thanks to all of our volunteers (too many to mention) that worked so hard to make our Trash and Treasure Sale a great success. The Trash and Treasure Sale

Newsletter January 2019

                                                        MYERLEE CIRCLE NEWSLETTER JANUARY  2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR!  A very happy and